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Why are Safety Harnesses Important?

A vise is an essential instrument in carpentry and metalworking applications. Bench vises of different types can be attached directly to a workbench to hold the work piece during particular activities, for example, sawing, arranging, and drilling.

WHY Safety Harnesses?

Why wearing a harness is a crucial piece of safety equipment on any job when working at heights! Harnesses require care, maintenance and storage to ensure they function properly every time. Without continuous maintenance, harnesses can officially malfunction and have severe consequences.

How to protect them?

Once you have your safety harness, you should ensure it is properly stored by keeping it free of moisture, protected from impact, and away from extreme temperatures. It is recommended that harnesses be stored either hanging, flat, or neatly folded to prevent unnecessary stress or wear.

Checking them out?

Harnesses also should be inspected regularly and cleaned as part of a normal equipment maintenance program. The harness can be quickly and easily assessed to ensure if a fall occurs the harness will keep you Safe!

Technology to the Rescue!

To aid in this process, some harnesses have visual technology built into the straps, providing an obvious color change that indicates a point on the harness may be worn out.

Some harnesses also have impact indicators at key fastening points to show whether the harness has been involved in a fall by displaying a warning that is visible only after impact.

Now comes the low-technology method!

Should a fall protection harness get dirty, the wearer will need to clean it immediately according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If those instructions are not available, most harnesses can be cleaned with a damp sponge and warm, soapy water. After washing with soap, a typical harness should be rinsed thoroughly and hung to dry,  preferably not in direct sunlight.

What happens when you are careful about your harness!

With conscientious storage, regular care, and a little maintenance, a well-made harness will perform at its highest level for many years. Construction workers are tough, but humans are fragile making personal fall protection a top priority when it comes to personal safety.  Following these simple steps can be Life-saving and avoid injury!