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Why Buy  ESCO products from ESS?

A vise is an essential instrument in carpentry and metalworking applications. Bench vises of different types can be attached directly to a workbench to hold the work piece during particular activities, for example, sawing, arranging, and drilling.



ESS is your authorized Esco DEALER, we have factory trained staff that can solve your bucket issues with super convenience to you with peace of

mind that you are getting the right bucket and attachments for your job. Instock ESCO teeth and Ultralok® Tooth System


When your thinking about buying a bucket, considering ESCO is never the wrong decision!  WHY? 

We Take the time to ensure you are receiving the right bucket for the right application with quality we back up!




  • High quality steel       
  • ESCO® Ultralok® teeth are #1 in average through-hardness

    A collection of 30 teeths designed for use on construction wheel loaders and excavator buckets were randomly-sourced and subjected to Brinell hardness tests of their interior surface, performed by Intertek PSI, an independent laboratory specializing in metallurgical testing and failure analysis.

    Make Part Numbers

    CAT 138-6552, 9W8552, 381-4089, 381-4095
    Black Cat 138-6552, 9W8552, 381-4089, 381-4095
    (Deere) TK550CH, TK550LD
    Hensley XS50RP2, XS50SYL
    Komatsu K50RP2, K50SYL
    MTG MA60A, MA60U, MG65A, MG65E
    ESCO U55AP, U55S
    (Deere) TK550CH, TK550LD
    Hensley XS50RP2, XS50SYL
    Komatsu K50RP2, K50SYL
    MTG MA60A, MA60U, MG65A, MG65E
    ESCO U55AP, U55S

    Each tooth was cut in half, to reveal the interior surface. Hardness measurements were then conducted
    by Intertek PSI on various locations across the interior surface.
    To account for varying degrees of hardness depending on the proximity to the tip and/or exterior surfaces
    of each tooth system, an average Brinell hardness was calculated using Intertek PSI’s measurements
    captured along the centerline of each tooth’s interior (the area circled in red). This method captured
    hardness measurements from each section of the tooth that would be revealed as it wears away after use
    in the field.

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  •  ESCO Ultralok teeth ranked #1 in average centerline hardness.Picture4• While other systems logged hardness scores as low as 415 BHN, ESCO Ultralok teeth were the only product to measure over 530 BHN across the entire centerline of every tooth tested.

  • ESCO Ultralok teeth had the most consistent hardness across the centerline (= zero variation
    from the tip of the tooth to the rear box section).
  • High-integrity welding techniques

  • Triple taper design for faster loading and cleaner dumping