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Why Buy a Komatsu Hybrid Excavator?

A vise is an essential instrument in carpentry and metalworking applications. Bench vises of different types can be attached directly to a workbench to hold the work piece during particular activities, for example, sawing, arranging, and drilling.


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Powerful & Environmentally friendly

Komatsu’s First in Industry Hybrid system that is dependable and durable with Komatsu components, harness free kinetic energy, convert it to electricity for a powerful and astonishingly quiet performance, and help to reduce your carbon footprint and fuel consumption by up to 30%. Enjoy a new work experience with the most reliable and technologically advanced excavator in the industry.


Komatsu Hybrid Excavators feature a unique one hundred percent electric swing system.

Hybrid energy capture


These machines are a serious ‘Game Changer’

  • Ultra-low idle, it reduces idle speeds to 700 rpm down from 1000 rpm
  • Apprehensive about performance? - Expect fast cycle times for swing intensive applications such as pipeline and infrastructure work.
  • Production is not an issue with energy regeneration and hybrid power assist to increase swing speeds for faster cycle times, the electric swing motor  requires no pump flow which allows full hydraulic flow for the boom, arm, and bucket functions.
  • The Motor-generator produces electricity and stores it in the capacitor
  • The Motor-generator then utilizes electricity from the capacitor to assist engine acceleration
  • Do you want to ‘Lift’ Heavier? - This machine will not disappoint, with extreme stability over front and side application, amazing for pipe laying applications.
  • DEF injection process only consumes 2.5% of fuel burn
  • Low fuel consumption, efficient and powerful SAA6D114E- Komatsu ENGINE
  • Six working modes are designed to match ~
    • Power
    • Lifting
    • Breaker
    • Economy
    • Attachment Power
    • Attachment Economy



Let’s do some Math!


Here is a 3-year scenario (36 Months), based on fuel at a cost of $1.20 and 8-hour work day x 5 days, and a 40 week year.



*Please Note - Fuel Burn rates vary based on working applications. 

 Customers have reported fuel consumption as low as 16 liters per hour on the HB365-3


Don’t Forget! -  On top of the 30-40% fuel savings a Hybrid may provide, all Komatsu Tier 4 machines include Komatsu care  complimentary maintenance for  3 years/2000 hours!


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  Next week, Let's dig into some more Komatsu Hybrid HB365-3 model Facts!


~Rachel Fitzgerald