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Link-Belt Telematics

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Link-Belt Telematics: UPDATE

Link-Belt iCraneTrax
Lexington, KY - Link-Belt’s telematics initiative began in earnest in 2012 when it first announced its partnership with A1A Software and its telematics portal, iCraneTrax powered by Link-Belt Pulse.
By ConExpo 2017, all Link-Belt Cranes were telematics capable. Since the very beginning of implementation, the focus for Link-Belt has always been to provide crane owners the assurance that all data points and fault codes relayed from each enacted machine were proprietary to the crane owner; in other words, the crane owner’s own the data. Furthermore, the crane owner can determine whether they share the data with their Link-Belt distributor and/or Link-Belt.

“Telematics is no longer a nice option. It has become a tool for the owner to maximize their equipment investment by monitoring fuel use up to component wear and predictive maintenance,” said Bruce Kabalen, Manager Marketing and Technical Communication. “Link-Belt’s telematics detail unquestionably leads the crane industry and our easy to use portal at gives all owners’ unmatched capabilities regardless of fleet size.”

Link-Belt’s success with telematics has been the flexibility it offers to customers. Link-Belt offers choices for coverage that range from a very simple program with basic information, to the comprehensive needs of customers with expanded requirements. Link-Belt also wanted to ensure the valuable resources of the Link-Belt Distributor Network were optimized in the process. Of course, basic information -- location, operating hours, odometers, fuel etc. – are all included, but tons of “crane-specific” data is also at the customer’s disposal on an easy- to-use dashboard.

The most recent development to telematics on Link-Belt Cranes is Pulse 2.0, which debuted at ConExpo 2017. One of the most exciting enhancements with Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 is the ability to service and update a crane’s software remotely. The system includes a Wi-Fi connection and uses the serial number of the unit to determine whether any updates are available, and downloads/installs to the appropriate controller. Software maintenance can be accomplished in the field without a service call or bringing the crane in for service.