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ENCOPARTS® - Supplier of parts and components for Yellow Line equipment

Posted by Team ESS on February 02, 2022


Our Partnership

ENCOPARTS ® is a world class manufacturer for the largest OEM brand in the world.  Offering alternative  Aftermarket Parts  solutions within their Yellow Line Parts Division

Supplying over  + 1 Million unique part numbers for every type of spare parts category in existence.


Q U A L I T Y   S T A N D A R D S  

ENCOPARTS®  quality policy establishes an exhaustive "in-house" inspection of each part that enters our supply chain, this is an additional process to the quality assurance procedures of each manufactured part. For this matter, we have Quality Assurance Laboratories implemented at our main warehouses in Brazil and the USA, with the highest technology required to comply with the necessary inspections. Thanks to this practice, warranty claims are minimal, statistically not representative

  • QUALITY PRODUCTS:  We only supply genuine parts of the highest quality, by doing so we guarantee identical quality and performance.


  • PRODUCT WARRANTY:  All our parts come from the same production line that supplies our assembly plants, thus we can match the warranty conditions given by the dealer for each part number.


  • PRODUCT RELIABILITY:  Each product is put through a stringent quality control inspection to ensure the customer receives a reliable, dependable product, every time.


  • PRICE GUARANTEE:  We assure you, we can help our customers achieve a competitive advantage while unlocking value in their daily operations. By using ENCOPARTS ® there is no trade-off, we will supply top-quality products at extremely competitive prices.


  • BENCHMARK:  ENCOPARTS ®  has supplied millions of genuine parts across North America including direct supply to some of the worlds biggest mining companies.

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